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1.3-Insurance-Forensic-ServicesForensic Engineering Services

Damage from structural failure or environmental impacts needs immediate evaluation and resolution. Our team of forensic structural engineers is committed to providing you responsive, flexible service along with the solid, reliable answers that you need.


Assessments include: water loss, wind/hail/storm damage, wind vs. storm surge evaluations, vibration damage assessment, wood rot/termite damage, lightning damage.


Evaluation of a building’s structural integrity or building damage include the following cause and origin damage assessments: building envelope evaluation, structural failure/damage/condition, construction defect investigations, pool damage and roof damage and the following Foundation Movement Evaluations: concrete slab-on-grade, retaining wall/sea wall features, building code issues, structural repair recommendations and design, relative floor evaluation survey mapping.

Cover Collapse & Structural

Initial structural damage evaluations per FS 627.706 include a Floor Elevation Survey, Hand Auger Borings, Test Pit Excavations, Hand Cone Penetration Tests (CPTs) and Lab Analysis. Addresses 5-prong Structural Damage definition passed by the Florida Legislature in May 2011 (SB408). Determine if a structural collapse has occurred or is imminent.

1.3-Insurance-Geotech-ServicesGeotechnical Engineering Services

Sinkholes are common in Florida and need accurate solutions to resolve. Our team of geotechnical engineers is deeply experienced with Florida soils and sinkholes and can quickly ascertain a solid solution so you can resolve your project and move forward.

Full Subsidence Investigation

Fully FS 627.706 compliant subsidence investigations to determine the presence or absence of sinkhole activity and determine if a sinkhole loss has occurred. Our investigations include a Site Reconnaissance, Structural Engineering Inspection and Damage Determination, GPR and ERI surveys, Hand Auger and SPT borings, Hand Cone Penetration Tests, Test Pit Excavations, Floor Elevation Survey and Lab Analysis.

Sinkhole Remediation Options

Compaction Grout: Compaction grouting is commonly used in sinkhole remediation to seal the limestone surface and to densify or consolidate any weak or loose overlying soils.

Chemical Grout: Chemical grouting is a technique used to densify shallow soils and is often used in combination with other foundation and subsurface stabilization methods.

Underpinning: Underpins are structural steel piles that transfer the load of the structure onto limestone, providing a solid foundation for the structure.

Subsurface Remediation Monitoring: After a plan is accepted, our team of engineers and technicians will oversee the remediation process to ensure plan compliance and effectiveness, and produce a thorough and accurate final certification report detailing all aspects of the work that occurred during your project.

Peer Review and Expert Litigation Services

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