Forensic Engineering

Damage from structural failure needs immediate evaluation and resolution. Our Rapid Response program gets you the answers you need within three weeks of your initial inquiry. Our team of forensic structural engineers is committed to providing you responsive, flexible service along with the solid, reliable answers that you need. Got a question? Give our P.E.’s a shout. We are eager to speak with you and help you with your claim.


Understand the damage that Mother Nature may have caused.

  • Water Loss Claims – Water/Moisture Damage and Intrusion issues
  • Wind, Hail and Storm Damage Claims
  • Wind vs. Storm Surge Evaluations
  • Vibration Damage Assessment
  • Wood Rot/Termite Damage



Assess issues with the structural integrity of a building or damage to building components.

Cause & Origin Damage Assessments

Building Envelope Evaluation, Structural Failure, Damage and Condition Assessments, Construction Defect Investigations, Pool Damage Assessment, Roof Damage Investigations, Flooring Damage Assessment, Dock and Deck Evaluations, Settlement Foundation

Foundation Movement Evaluations

Concrete Slab-on-grade Evaluation, Retaining Wall/Sea Wall Failures, Building Code Issues and Inspections, Structural Repair Recommendations and Design, Relative Floor Elevation Survey Mapping

Cover Collapse/Subsidence Investigations

Determine if structural damage exists or if imminent structural collapse is possible.

  • Initial structural damage evaluations per FS 627.706 includes Floor Elevation Survey, Test Pits, Hand Cone Penetrometers and Lab Analysis. Addresses 5-prong Structural Damage definition passed by the Florida Legislature in May 2011 (SB408). LINK
  • Cover Collapse/Structural Inspections. Determine if a structural collapse has occurred or is imminent per FS 627.706

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