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Successful litigation support requires highly experienced professionals with rock solid, unbiased expert opinion. Geohazards has a long-standing reputation for direct, unwavering answers and we’ll tell you what you need to know – regardless of what you may want to hear. Our team of senior-level Professional Engineers and Professional Geologists have thousands of hours experience in moving litigation projects forward with definitive opinions delivered in easily understood language. We’re the team you want on your side and we’re ready to work for you.

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1.4-Legal-Peer-Reviews-editedGeology & Engineering Peer Review Services

Your prime objective is to avoid delays and unnecessary risk. Geohazards will give you an accurate assessment of your report and advise what the next steps should be. Our reputed approach uses critical analysis methodology to thoroughly review the site data. We’ll provide an initial verbal opinion and then clearly piece together the technical events in a detailed, easily understood report.

1.4-Legal-Litigation-Support-editedExpert Litigation Support

Your team is going to deposition or trial and you need a firm plan of action. Geohazards is well-versed in providing expert witness deposition and trial testimony. Our opinions have stood up in hundreds of cases, for both defense and plaintiff, including jury and non-jury trials at all levels of jurisdiction. Geohazards litigation support includes subsidence and sinkhole claims, construction damage/defect cases, sinkhole and foundation remediation assessment and vibration damage cases.

1.4-Legal-Neutral-Eval-EditedFlorida Neutral Evaluation Program

The Florida Neutral Evaluation Program is an informal, alternative dispute resolution program that was developed by the State of Florida to specifically handle disputed sinkhole claims. As a third-party professional, Gerald Black, P.G. is a certified Neutral Evaluator for the State of Florida and is experienced reviewing the findings of the both parties. Learn more at My Florida CFO

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