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Sinkholes are a common concern in Florida. Our team has extensive knowledge of Florida sinkholes and also how Florida’s unique soil characteristics can impact residential homes and commercial structures. Through our evaluation and assessment process, you’ll gain peace of mind knowing exactly what is going on below the surface of your home and also what solutions will resolve a potential issue. We always provide options that work within your budget and time constraints. Questions? Call us. Phone calls are always free and we’re happy to talk about your real estate concern.

Geologist Scott Purcifull responds to customer inquiries

Document Review & Free Phone Consultation

Talk to one our experts, free of charge, about your concerns. Many times we can give a quick assessment of the potential issues and outline possible solutions within a phone call. If you have an existing report about your home or a neighboring property, we can help you understand what the report means and exactly what is going on.

1.6 Real Estate Sinkhole problemSinkholes and Other Subsurface Problems

Surface depressions, problematic soils and erosion issues can be responsible for current or potential damage to your property.  We offer a wide variety of consultation and testing options that can determine the root of your problem.

1.6-Real-Estate-Structural-InspectionStructural Engineering Inspections

Home damage can occur due to an unfortunate act of mother-nature or a site defect. We’ll perform full evaluation and assessment, from the foundation to the roof, to determine what the root problem is, plus we’ll offer guidance about possible solutions.

1.6-Real-Estate-Geotech-ServicesGeotechnical Engineering Solutions

Do you have a home that has already been remediated for sinkhole activity or other structural issues? Our geotechnical engineers can determine if those measures were successful and provide you options to remediate any current issues.

5 Signs Your Home May Have Structural Issues or a Sinkhole Problem

Download our free checklist to help you evaluate potential issues with your most valuable investment.

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